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EFPT Simulation


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Ok I will try again. EFTP is generally referred to the echoes used by Hank Marvin. (Echoes from the Past) and has been extensively developed by Charlie Hall. But now there is some copyright issues etc. 

Hank used the Meazi multihead tape echo.
I am getting very close but not perfect using the multitap delays from Helix.
But I do not really understand how the Multitap Helix works. 
I place T1 and T2 and T3 etc equivalent to the tape heads on the Meazzi (using delays which one can get on the web). But what is the first time one puts on the multitap. Is that actually like the quarter note time of the song you try to play. Then Tn is the delay (position of tape head in mS) from the tape recording head to the playback head(s). Or Tn as percentage is the portion of the delay time set in the first input. Is the 1st input not actually a delay time but rather simulating the "speed" at which the tape would run?
I feel I am close if I can just fully understand or get some info on how this delay works. There is not any real detail in documention. Am I wrong to relate the multitap delay to a 6 head Meazzi tape delay. And if not how exactly should I approach it to get the sounds so famous from Hank Marvin and the Shadows.
I have seen players getting brilliant results with the Quadraverb Q2 and Q20. Now I am refusing to accept that my Helix cannot do what the Quadraverb can do and do it better.
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Are there particular songs you are trying to get? Eftp covers a lot of different settings based on a lot of different original delays for various songs. I have a few patches I've been working on that are getting close for atlantis/theme for young lovers, one for apache and a generic one that's ok for things like riders. Pm me your email and I'll forward what I have see if it's close enough for you. Works for me but I don't get all Anal about perfectly capturing the sound of a particular recording. I do feel they are broadly in the right ball park and based them on settings I had in a zoom g2n with eftp. Haven't gotten around to transferring many settings.

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