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How to factory reset the Shuriken, and update to latest firmware?


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Hi everyone - 

I would like to make sure my guitar is renewed because I've been messing around with workbench and in my attempt to learn how this guitar works with the software, I changed things around.

I find the instructions are very vague on how to do this. 


So i have the cable and the usb interface thing. I plug from my variax guitar into that usb interface, which goes into my computer. I plug in a 1/4 inch jack to activate the battery.

I also downloaded line6 monkey. it doesn't seem to recognize my variax guitar. workbench does though. Through line 6 monkey, I see two choices:Line 6 monkey or work bench as the applications and their current/newest firmware editions. Im pretty sure here is where I update my variax guitar. But I can't get it to show up in this box for monkey.


Am I doing this right? I am not going through the helix, I am using the USB connector into the computer.

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I think there is an issue with the firmware, it's either the firmware or my guitar, about to find out from line six, but when I reset it, my patches went crazy.

Having said that does anyone have the standard set of default patches that I can have :)


Ps I have had a jt variax since launch day in.... 08? So... ain't my first rodeo

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