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Recording on cubase with pod HD

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Hi everybody!


First, thanks for your help and excuse me for my bad english.


I would like to record my Pod HD (desktop) on Cubase (8.5) but i'm not sure how to adjust the "mixer output" to have the best sound? I know i have to record on a mono track on cubase but the output of the pod is in stéréo if i'm right.

So, how i have to adjust the path A and B in the mixer? Is there a difference of sound when we set the mixer ? I have to put path A 100% Left and path B 100% Right or 0% for the both or A and B 100% Left? Is there a difference if I use the amps dual mode?


Thanks for your answers



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I take it you are using the HD's USB interface to record.

You should be able to togle stereo or default mono track in Cubase.

If not, you can select two mono tracks one HD L the other R.

On the mixer the hard left and hard right give you the stereo widest width and

will give one amp out of each channel when using dual amps.

The more you make the mixer less than hard L or R the more mono the summing will be.

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thanks for your advice Bjnette, I understand a little better how it works!

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