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Variax VDI - Cable not connecting Variax Standard to Helix

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Hey all,


First time - just bought a Variax Standard and Helix with a VDI cable.


However, the VDI cable I bought doesn't connect properly. One side of the cable fits absolutely fine, but the other side doesn't fit at all.

Both ends look exactly the same, but one end will connect into either the Variax or Helix and click into place fine. The other side doesn't click at all, so I'm at a loss with it.


Any ideas what's going on? Have I got an old cable or something? There doesn't seem to be any information on this being an issue before?




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Is the cable a Line6 cable or some other brand? It is really just a network cable with Neutrik ends on it. If it is a Line6 cable most likely it is a bad one. Does the end that does fit fit both the variax and the Helix?



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