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Kemper owner, my thoughts on Helix LT


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So I just bought the Helix LT. I've been using a Kemper live for the past 4 years, so curiosity got the better of me, and I had to try the Line 6. (I was using an HD500 before the Kemper, so I'm familiar with Line 6)

My rig goes straight into FOH, using the on stage monitors for reference.

My initial thoughts, the Kemper has many more options of tones available, some good, some bad, some unusable. I downloaded a 5150iii profile for the basis of my sound, and its covers everything nicely.

For the Helix LT, same thing, some good, some bad, some unusable. However, I was happy to find the Marshall 2204 patch in the presets, and with minimal tweaking, came up with a good core sound for building patches.

It feels to me like the Helix has a little more response and feel than the Kemper. Maybe a little fizzy when you start adding gain for lead, but I'm very pleased with the punch and tightness of the dry rhythm sound, and you can get some great dynamics out of it by playing harder or softer.

And the Cleans on the Helix are much more pleasing to my ears.

I really don't need as much amp as the Kemper offers, and I think the Helix LT will fill the role nicely of very usable and workable tones for playing in a live cover band every weekend. And new toys are always fun.

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I recently got myself a Kemper in combination with my Helix.


I totally agree with you that there are good and less good sounds on both systems.

I felt the urge to get the Kemper because the Helix has its own nature and tend to be a bit too studio oriented.

What i mean is that fizzy sound it tends to. Thats not necessarily bad because its perfect for what it was designed for.


My decision towards the Kemper was that I play most of the time at home in a quiet environment. And wanted a more

realistic and amp like sound not the clinical sound the Helix provides. And the Kemper does it perfectly.


The Helix has an amazing feel to it absolutely.

And especially for a live situation the Helix does work pretty well because i guess no one would even notice the difference.

For me both system are great but neither the Helix nor the Kemper alone would be enough to satisfy me.

The Kemper has amazing amp sounds which are out of competition but the effects section and the rig design is pretty much

a pain in the a**.


While the Helix offer good amp sims but they just don't do it for me because the are just models they don't feel like a real amp.

BUT the Helix offers the best freaking pedal board ever. I love the effects on it and the versatility and the easy to use signal chain

management. AND I FREAKING LOOOOOVE THE SCRIBBLE STRIPS !!!! They alone are worth the whole system.


I use the Helix as my master and the Kemper in the effects loop this works perfect.

For my Kemper i got so many good profiles from 5150 to VX Kraken (which is amazing), Mesa Triaxis, JP2C, Mark V, Randall Satan and co.

So all stuff the Helix can't provide except the 5150 maybe. And I'm able to control the Kemper from the Helix via midi.


So I'm happy with both and don't wanna go without any of them.

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