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Dry Out Spdif On Hd500x


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Anyone recording dry unprocessed sound via spdif (and later adding amp plugin) and having regular sound out through the amp at the same time? With great results? I have only recorded unprocessedwith my pod x3 pro before and that works like a charm.

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Yes you can.

I have tried it when micing the amp from the analogue outs on the HD, just to have the option in the DAW to use sims or reamp but rarely needed it as can usually get the tone I want on the HD.


I now prefer to record the s/pdif wet along with the mic'd amp. I monitor thru isolation headphones to ensure I am not getting any out of phaseness between the two by adjusting the mic on the cab.


Each to their own and depends where you are and whether your recording an idea or are recording a fully worked out tune or song.


I started with Sims, Amplitude 2 and Revalver and the results are acceptable but your tone gets thin even using different sims.


The HD isn't as bad but several tracks of different patches starts to give your mix the HD wash. (meaning different patches etc still have the HD signature tone or as I call it the HD wash.

It is similar to using the same recording chain for all tracks. You know same preamp same compressor same EQ devices.

After layering a few tracks you get a tonal wash which aint so bad on a high end desk but nowdays we can get different high end Preamps, compressors and EQs and this helps create a thickly tectured mix similar to using unmatched mics on a kit.


To anyone using sims I'd recommend reamping live and micing the result thru an amp to beef up your tone or at mix time especially with automated program changes.


The only thing is at mix time you need a damn good reamper that costs near the cost of the HD to get it right.

You could DIY but not sure how good this is.

 Some sims don't automate as well as others for patch changes and this is where the HD with pedalboard comes in.


You can change patches on the fly as well as the foot controller. Great for live but the footsitches click is annoyingly loud.

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