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Acoustic Rcord. Which Is Wich?

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I think there are at least two guitar tracks. What JTV guitar model(s) are being used? What other processing is being done in the recording? It would be very difficult to identify any difference related to the firmware version if significant other processing is being applied (compression, reverb, chorus, delay, etc....).

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I'd say 1.8 or above...I stuck with 1.71 for a long time and it doesn't sound to me like it...Wouldn't say 2.0 either!


It could have been EQed. The difference between the new acoustics and old acoustics is that the old one still had a very piezo sound but added the body and ralism of an acoustic guitar, while the new acoustics aim more for an even more mic'd up sound.

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ok, i use only the pod for some fx , specifically the heavy acoustic fx and the acoustic pad (both presets from hd), and no post processing.So yes, there is a bit of compressor out there, but not so much. tomorrow i will reveal the results. 

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Nice, so I was kinda right. I thought you meant JTV specifically. :P


The modeling is the same I think on a 1.7 JTV and an old Variax. I think the only things that have been changed is some of the behaviors and features, especially the alt tuning, but I think the modeling part is the same.


It sounds good. 

I think both of them are great, but I like how the new acoustics actually try to get a straight up mic'd sound.

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