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Auto Wah Help


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I've been trying to set up an Auto Wah for one of my Bass patches, but can't seem to get the parity between the "clean" sound & the effected sound.


There's a bass intro on one of our songs that's crying out for an Auto Wah / cocked Wah type of effect on it for the intro, but then needs a clean sound for the other parts. I've played with some of the effect models, and can get a reasonable Auto Wah, but there's a volume drop switching between the clean & effected sounds. I've tried adding more gain to the Auto Wah (Q Filter), but there's still a discernible volume difference between clean & effected (really like the Tron Down as well, but that's got a similar volume issue).


Has anyone played with the Auto Wah effects?

Has anyone noticed the volume drop?

Has anyone been able to eliminate the volume drop?


Thanks. :)

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I use Auto-Wah a lot. Try the TRON UP model like this:



Q = 60%
Mix = 60%

Also, try to place it in the beginning of your chain. I have noticed volume drop issues, in some cases the studio eq could help to increase volume, adding only +6db of gain without touching other parameters.

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I ended going to a BOSS AW-3 for auto-wah stuff...I came up on a T-Wah for that stuff and that is probably why I am less of a fan of the TRON approach...I have used it and it can work...just does not sound like T-Wah....Sounds good and usable, just not my cup of tea for T-Wah type stuff...

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Thanks for the suggestions.


I had a play about with the settings last night, found the Voice Box to sound best, especially as the first effect in the line.


The acid test is tonight at rehearsal.

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