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how to control the speakermode on the stagesource with my Pod HD 500X?

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I would like to put settings on my Pod HD 500X, that control the speaker mode on my L2t., because sometimes I play electric and sometimes I play acoustic on my JTV.

I have got the L6 cable which works fine on my DT25, but I would like to control the L2t the same way.

I already tried to find the acoustic sound on my Pod HD and put my L2t speaker mode on acoustic guitar.

Then I saved the patch on my Pod HD, but it did not call the same speaker mode afterwards.

In the line 6 edit program there seems only the possibility to control the DT...


So please help me


Thanks in advance

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The easiest option would be to use Reference/P.A. mode. I use a L2t myself and keep it in Ref/PA mode and just have presets setup for whether I'm playing electric or acoustic. I believe the PODHD500X will remember which mode the L2t was in when you save the preset. So if you save a preset in electric guitar mode and save a preset in a acoustic mode it should change modes when you change presets.

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