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And why not using digital outputs for live?


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Hi every ones

Here I'm going to ask something really silly or maybe not...

In live situation I have those boards Yamaha CL5 one for monitoring and one for FOH witch have the digital inputs and outputs.

I'm all ready sending my sequences from my Mac book pro directly via a cat5 and Dante virtual soundcard. ( Makes me virtual up to 64 outputs)

Would it be a better option for me, instead of sending FOH via XLR could it be via spdf digital outputs ?

I guess it would keep signal in digital domain all the way...


Any thoughts on this?


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Ok then so you tried and there no benefits at all.




Nope. Not with Helix. Didn't bother.


I did all my analog vs. digital testing years ago, and found with every situation where I tested that there was no discernible difference when you transmit a signal from one place to another (through multiple devices is a whole 'nother story).

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Agree, no audible difference, except that SPDIF added dropouts AND extraneous noise, even on a decent interface (Scarlett 18i20) and even at 44.1. I thought that there might be a latency improvement (conversions take time), but not that I could tell. Go analog!

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