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Control Pod Hd500 Volume With Variax Volume Knob

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Evening all - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (but I can't find it...)


I'd like to be able to control the volume on my POD HD500 with my Variax (JTV69) control knob. I've read that you can do it, but one of the links I've followed make it work.


Has anyone a simple step-by-step guide I can follow?





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I don't believe you can control the HD500 device Master Volume, but you can control settings like the amp/channel volume and a VOL FX pedal. The easiest way to do is is using HE500 Edit. In the Mixer panel, set the Variax Vol or Tone knob to be used as a controller (i.e. lock the local control; the knob will no longer control the Variax function). Then in the Controllers panel select the item you want to control and assign the Variax knob as the controller.


You can do this directly on the HD500 device without using Edit - see the advanced manual for details.

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