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G30 Trouble Shooting


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I performed at a venue last night and my wireless intermittently cut out mostly when I was moving. I tried every channel and switched cables with new batteries. Still the problem persisted. ** This is the first time I have had this issue, but cannot afford this to continuously happen on tours and do not want to guess every night what the issue is. **


My I have my G30 receiver placed in the back of my rack (not touching metal) with velcro that runs into a chain (TS9 - ISP decimator for a more real sounding push) then into my Pod Hd Pro X.  We were playing the headline spot so no other band's gear was on stage and powered on at the same time as ours and the band before us had the same issue on the same side of the stage using also a G30.


I was within close proximity to the venue's wifi modems located on a shelf in the greenroom side stage only separated with thin drywall. I know they also output in 2.4Ghz. Could this of caused intermittent complete drop outs? My signal on the transmitter was full bars, I do not recall if it was red or green as I was unaware there was two colors to begin with. Is there anything else that would cause the G30 to cut out I feel I have covered all the bases except the proximity to the venues Wi-Fi source. Is there a trick to avoiding this, or anything I can do.

Will upgrading to a different Line 6 Guitar Wireless solve this issue? Or do they all operate on 2.4Ghz too?

(Purchased May 5th 2015)



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Hi jakkington, 


Your system may be running on RF2 mode, which is more forgiving with in-house wifi, but will not perform properly in the presence of another Line 6 wireless in RF1 mode; all Line 6 wireless being used must be on the same RF mode. 


Attached is a link explaining RF1 and RF2 modes and how to switch your system(s) to the desired RF mode. 


Using RF1 mode can actually weaken a venues wifi signal, whereas RF2 mode works much nicely with existing wifi. RF1 mode is much tougher in extreme wifi conditions.


Please let us know if this helps. 



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