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L2T problem. Something to watch out for.


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Second time I've had this problem, so thought I'd share it here.


Two days ago I was gigging my Helix and L2T set up, playing a rockabilly gig with my Gretsch Balck Falcon hollow body.

Basically, the guitar pushes out some real low-end punch and thump.


During the gig I noticed my L2T was distorting and sounded like I'd blown a speaker. Not too drastic, but harsh and farty when I dug in or played hard rhythm.

I signaled a guy over and asked how it sounded out front through the PA and he confirmed it was crystal clear so I knew it was an issue with the L2T.


When I returned home I plugged my Strat into the same set-up and right away I heard the high frequency driver cutting in and out (muffled sound, bright sound, muffled sound, bright sound...)


I've had that problem about a year ago, so I unscrewed the rear panel and carefully pushed the speaker lead clips firmly back into place and made sure the other connectors were pushed home. I plugged back in and all was perfect. I tried my Gretsch and all was cool.


Next gig in four days so I seriously hope the driver cutting in/out problem was related to the "blown speaker" sound.


Anyone else experienced this?

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I had similar problem on L3T. Took it in to service center. They spent an hour and called me saying it was fixed. They said they replaced a speaker. I do not believe that. Your story sounds much more credible!

It would take about an hour to get right inside the thing, never mind install a replacement speaker!

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I bought my L2t used from England (I live in Slovenia) and had it shipped to me. Maybe it happend on the way here because I have the exact same problem right now - sometimes is better and sometimes worse. The highs go and then they suddenly come back or I have to shut down the L2t and switch it on again which sometimes helps and sometimes not.

I just found your post here so I'll try what you did and I'll let you know if it helped...


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Had the same problem with l2t. I used hot glue to prevent the connectors from coming loose. Make sure the blob of glue is not too thick or the circuit board won't return to it's position. There is not much space between the connector and the hole where the wires go to the speakers. Without the tweeter, my Helix sounded so bad, I began to doubt the unit. Right now everything is back to awesome.

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