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HD Pro X into Cubase / Torpedo Wall Of Sound


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Hi, so I've just started using the Torpedo Wall Of Sound VST as the cab sims in the Pro X just weren't doing it for me for home recording - besides the WoS. Just after a little help on how to get the best out of this please, running with the Pod as the interface in USB mode.


1) Am I right in thinking use the "Pre" versions is the way to go or is that subjective?


2) Even with the cabs off on the Pod, it still seems to be coloured by the mic selection - is there a way around this?


3) I'm currently in studio/direct mode, would another mode be better suited for this?


4) Any general observations when using VST cab impulses with the HD Pro X / similar line 6 products?

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I question whether there's really a difference with mic selection when the cabs are off. The HD500 uses a single IR for each cab/mic combo (if you think about it, that's the only way to get a measured cab response - by using a mic, simulated/calculated responses aren't very good and wouldn't be accepted by their customers, I can only imagine the outcry). When cabs are off then the IR is not used. Therefore there are no mics as well. This has been discussed previously in this forum. Here's an example. All that being said, when the cab is turned off, why would you can still be able to select a mic if it has no affect? I'm wondering if the "Air" convolution is still active. This would explain why some people claim to hear a difference with mic selection while cabs are off. I haven't yet heard anyone discuss this aspect.


Regarding "pre" or "full", you can use either. Treat them as part of the palate of colors available to you. You can find some useful information here on various cab/amp/pre parameters. Some amps distort in the power amp section but some in the preamp section. So, you can get very different sounds out of the full & pre versions.


Regarding which mode to use, the VST appears to have power amp models as well as cab models. I would think the Combo & Stack Power Amp output mode would be best. That's what that mode was designed for - plugging into an amp (either real or vst). Check page 2-8 of the Advanced Guide. But, there's no reason not to experiment with different options.

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