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Cover Song using a single Stock Helix Patch


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I am using the Helix version 2.12.0, stock patch 12B 'Plexi Monster' on this cover. It needed no tweaking for my rhythm versus lead guitars. All guitars you hear on this are from the Helix and guitar used was a Ibanez RG1XXV. All I did in the mix stage was add some Soundtoys Echoboy to the lead guitar tracks. Quite incredible how responsive this unit is.


The mileage that I got from this 1 stock preset is incredible, kudos to Line 6!


Now I need to take some time out and do my Helix Firmware update, I am definitely saving that 'Plexi Monster preset.



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Sounds great!



Cool! One of the first songs I learned on guitar. High 'n Dry is brilliant.



All stock eh?  Pretty darn cool man.  Thanks for sharing.






Thanks guys! and thanks to Line 6. Helix is just a lot of fun. Every time i plug into it I just smile at the depth of tone!

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