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Ground loop buzz and volume/wah pedal

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System: Pod X3 Live

Amp used:  Vox AC-16 connected using a cable that's XLR female/TRS 1/4"


Has anyone had this issue:


1. An annoying buzz which seems to come and go when I touch the volume/wah pedal?

2. A squeaking sound when you move the volume/wah pedal?


I bought this unit in 2009 and this has happened increasingly over the past few months. 

I cleaned the outside of the unit and sprayed  all the connections with contact cleaner. 

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Sounds like 2 different things. For the 1st part, what happens if you use one TS cable from a live output to the input jack on the amp?


#2 sounds like mechanical noise; contact cleaner will only make that worse. Try some graphite (pencil lead works) at the pivot nut if you can get it in there.

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