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JTV69 Vibrato bar microphonic

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I'm getting microphonic noise anytime I simply touch the vibrato arm. Of course it's very loud when using high gain sounds, but it's also nearly unusable with clean sounds, as using compression accentuates the noise. Anyone else having issues with this? Is this normal? I realize that it's only when using the models, due to the piezo pickups hearing anything connected to the bridge. 


It's curious that I can't find any other threads about this. Anyone found a solution? I'm thinking about a tube of foam that could fit tightly over the business end of the bar.





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I'd certainly expect the piezo pickups to pickup lots of things with really high gain settings. But I haven't noticed anything unusual with clean or mid-gain settings. I'd suggest making sure there's no rocking in the tremolo arm by tightening the set screw. This should limit the noise introduced by the bar. Then use a noise gate to take care of the rest.

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