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I really don't like the swell delays


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Or rather, I don't understand why the swell happens BEFORE your dry signal, meaning it effects your entire signal.


I thought the point of a swell delay is that it swells before your repeats, giving your REPEATS a bowed, pulsing quality but leaving your dry signal intact.


I understand this is how the line 6 DL4 did it, but surely the inclusion of a seperate Autoswell block makes it redundant? if I want my whole signal to swell into a delay, I could just do autoswell block > delay block.


I put it up on ideascale if anyone else agrees



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You're right. It seems odd that they have it this way.


More broadly, I think the method they use for the actual swell needs to be changed to something that's not based on a threshold, if that's possible. If they were to do this, the swell effects in Helix could become more easily usable.

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