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Usb Port On Pedal (pod Hd 500) Now Broken


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On 3/26/2014 at 4:38 AM, TheRealZap said:

oh wow you've doubled my estimate... it surely must be a massive conspiracy by line6 to deploy defective usb ports throughout the universe.


i'm sure that none of them happened because of someone stepping on a cable or something... surely not a single one.



it's perfectly fine to be unhappy because it happened to you....

but to project it out into the world as some sort of epidemic issue is flat wrong.

have you tried contacting them... pickup the phone... there may have been a problem batch and they may be willing to help you.

to my knowledge that's not the case, i'm merely pointing out that the issue isn't as widespread as you would have the world believe.



Well mine broke. And no I have not stepped on the cable. I have plugged it in to my computer for recording and after plugging it in and unplugging it just a few times,  it just breaks. I agree L6 should make a replacement part to fix it. I would still use mine if it hadn’t broken. 

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A much better replacement USB port is readily available, cheap, and fairly easy to replacement, so it is very possible to get you back in shape. You'll need to search this forum for "USB" to see where to get one. If you want your HD500 bad enough, this is a viable option.

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