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Beginners advice on 4cm


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Hi Folks


Well after a long absence from all things with the word multi in the title & after watching on the sidelines for a year or so, I've taken the plunge with a brand spanking new LT.


To say I'm impressed would be a mild understatement, however so far I've just been using a set of presonus eris e8s & as good as they are I do miss the feel of moving air that a good old fashioned amp gives me... So I'm humbling asking for a bit of guidance.


I'm going to dust of my old Blackstar HT-5 2x10 & try to hook up the old 4 cm so I can use the helix pre amps and the effects, I'd like to use the helix models more than the blackstar but would still like to switch between them.


Also I'd like to keep the monitors connected as well but their on the xlr's so I don't think that should be an issue as I can just use them when I want to, I'm just an at home player & recorder with the complicated stuff. Pedalboard & Blues Jr for out and about.


The last time I did this was on a Pod x3 ( yes I'm quite old) & despite watching every video I can find I'm still confused with the send/return idea on the helix interface, I'm sure it's just brain freeze but some help would be really appreciate just to get me started.


I'm deliciously old school but the Helix was just too good to pass on so I'm keen to jump in with both feet so any advice that stops me from falling over would be welcome.


Thanks in advance

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This is what I would suggest for a 4CM template to start. I would build a patch with whatever Helix amp you would like you use and right next to it either before or after, I would insert one of the FX loops. Think of this FX loop as your "placeholder" for the Blackstar pre. The send from this FX loop is going to goto the amp's input and then you are going to run the amp's FX send into the Helix's FX loop return.



Now setup the rest of your signal chain with whatever FX you want before and after the preamp (drives, mods, delays, etc.). Finally, insert a cab at the end of your path and right before it the send block from the unused FX loop. This you will plug into the amp's FX return input. Lastly, I would switch your output block to XLR and lock the volume to XLRs as well in the global settings. Now setup your foot switch assignments/snapshots to use whatever amp and FX you want and your good to go.


With this setup you'll be able to easily switch between the Blackstar or your monitors as well as use the two in tandem.

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