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I bought a Line 6 Moto Pod 2.0 on eBay. It did not come with a manual. I've searched all over and can only find a manual for a regular pod 2.0. Does anyone have a file or picture of the actual manual for the "Moto Pod 2.0"?

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I don't think Line 6 ever really used the term "Moto POD" when marketing these units. I think that might have been an internal term that was used when they beta tested them. Anyway, as far as I understand it, the only difference between these POD 2.0s and the older ones is that the newer ones have a three digit LCD, and they have an updated pedal jack designed to work the FBV controllers. Other than that, they're exactly the same as the original 2.0. So the 2.0 manual will be 99.9% correct.

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FWIW: As I thought to have understood it, there are a few more differences for the the 3-digit POD:

- also uses another processor,

- added clip- & MIDI-activity-LEDs (the dots in the 7-segment digits),

- firmware update by MIDI/Monkey (i.s.o. EPROM-swapping),

- (so) does away with the internal backup-battery,

- specifies a minimum current capability of the 9V AC supply of 2000 mA (previously 1200 mA)

Apart from the current rating & clip- & MIDI-LED, indeed it doesn't necessarily need to be reflected in the manual .

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