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Speakers - Inside the Spider V 240 with the Back Panel off...


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I had always been wondering about what kind of speaker are included in the Spider V series amps, and I was surprised there was little info available on the internet.


I was very curious what the sound of the amp might be like with the back panel off.  I really like playing my Spider IV with no rear panel, as well as with a lot of my other amplifiers.  I decided to take a look.  


The speakers have pretty small magnets for a "120 watt" speaker - I don't think they would put out much SPL.  I turned the 240 model right up, and it did not feel as loud as my Spider IV 120 amp, but volume is a difficult thing to measure (not to mention it being uncomfortable in the same room at that level!)


The electronic mounting plate would not allow me to completely remove the back panel... :(  I have to decide whether I would remove the panel or simply modify the back panel so that the speaker compartment would be open.  That would be nice, because I could open or close the back depending on what kind of experimenting I would like to do.


The inside of the amp is built very nicely, with bracing and ports on the front.


The speakers are labelled 300RFL06...a quick look on the internet shows Chunil Corporatin, who make speaker for Line 6 and Marshall.


Here are two profiles of the 300RFL06 speakers - these have different wattage and ohms.



The back of the amp



Showing the speaker and interior



The Tweeter


The 120 Watt speaker...very small magnet for a 120 Watt speaker.




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The 12" woofer is only 80 watts.  The other 40 watts is attributed to the tweeter for a total of 120 watts per side.



If that is the spec sheet then that's not a bad speaker for modeling amp. I would have to see this get a 101db Sensitivity rating measured across bands to believe that spec. You get those ratings in much more high end speakers, not these. How they acquire that measurement is another thing often debated in audio land.


The wattage is measured in RMS according to their spec so 70W RMS (music power or peak would be about 100W). Wattage is more in what the speaker can handle. Loudness is more based on SPL or efficiency of the speakers. I would not get too upset that are not $175 speakers in a $500 amp with all the bells and whistles of the 240.

Pretty sure these speakers are full range or maybe PA grade speakers. They don't have a widely extended midrange bump like guitar speakers do. That's why they also don't color the amp models and cab models and work more like a modeler with powered monitors used in PA's. If you used guitar speakers in this, you would "color" and or even limit the amp modeling with the freq response of whatever type guitar speaker you wanted to use. Speaker impedance is more directly related to power. Use a higher impedance speaker and you can lower the output. Some full range speakers with high efficiency (sensitivity) ratings may perform quite well or even be louder. Speakers like Eminence Beta 12CX have a good LF response, great upper mid band of 4.8Khz which is very close to guitar speaker spec. These are used as replacements in many wedge monitors or powered speakers. If my Spider V speakers blew I'd replace them with a Beta 12CX. Even though they are 8 ohms, I think what loss in power (if any was noticeable) would be made up in efficiency of the Eminence speaker.


Another good choice would be Beta 12LTA. I have used those with a 212 cab, solid state rack power amp for my POD HD500x. It sounded just fine. That speaker is a coaxial with range as high as 9Khz so it would be fine even for the drum machines. Not quite as extended as having a tweeter with it, but that can also be good since it cuts back any hissing of pizeo speakers. Those are the two I would try if I wanted to maintain the amp and cab modeling in the Spider V 120 or 240. The power ratings on those are even higher, but in terms of magnet size they are not much different that the Line 6 factory speakers. Magnet size is not really a big deal in guitar speakers. Look for efficient speaker with a broader bandwidth closer to that of guitar speakers.


If you wanted a semi open cab option you could just cut the size out from the lower half of the back cover. Add wood bracing around the cutout area if you decided to use it closed back. The bass response would probably be reduced. 


I'd wait till it was out of warranty though.



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I was glad to see that Line6 finally closed the back of the Spider V series.  My drummer always complained that the sound coming out the back of my amp was deafening at gigs (especially when there was a reflective wall behind the stage).  Plus the sound that emanates out the front is fuller now with the closed back and I prefer that all the sound the speaker has to offer not get lost out the back of the amp.

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I paired mine with a Mesa 4x12 Road King half open back cabinet, Sublime!!, use the head and a quality cab, to get full range speaker system, when you unplug the cab you get a 50 watt practice amp with 4" speakers, they switch to full range when not connected to a cab, then they go to high frequency when connected to compliment the 12" speakers in the cabinet.

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What ive found is open back sounds full at lower volumes along with a more wide sound not so directional.


At band volumes most guitar speakers cant handle the levels and poop out quickly breaking up and sound muddy or a farty sound IMO this sound sucks.


With a closed back the speaker stay tight at band volumes the speakers dont move as easy and as quickly they cant pull in air quick enough so the bass stays tight


IMO you would almost want a cabinet that you can open or close depending on how loud your playing, i love an open back when i practice at home but playing loud i dont enjoy this setup.

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the 120 is horribly directional (as it comes, closed)  , the only amp I`ve come across as directional was an Engl Screamer 50 ... the 240 has a far better spread . 


I`m considering adding wadding to the cabs of both amps like HiFi speakers have 

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