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Helix + Shuriken Variax - Variax Model name not correct on Helix


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Hi All,


I have a shuriken and helix (all with the latest firmware installed)

I notice that when i’m trying to select the preset model for Variax on the Helix (under input settings for each preset) the models names listed dont match up to the Shuriken model names - I assume this is becasue the Helix stores the JVT models rather than the Shuriken model names.

Example: User I (1-5) is the first set available on the Shuriken, and this matches up fine on the Helix. The next set on the Shuriken is User II (1-5) but is labelled T-Model (1-5) on the Helix. And the rest of the names dont match up either.

This is very confusing when trying to select the appropriate User model on the Helix to force for each patch becasue the names dont match up and I end up having to count from the first and scroll through one by one.


Is there a solution, or is this a known issue?



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No solution - the Bank Names are the defaults for a Variax Standard/JTV and match the printing on the knob.


I hadn't looked at the Shuriken banks before but they are very different and I can see why that is confusing as Tele, Spank and Lester are completely offset.


The solution would be enhancement of Helix to detect Shuriken and use the correct names - ask for this on Ideascale:


Personally I rarely use the knobs to set the required model - I find it much easier to just move the controls on the guitar and Helix follows what you are doing. 

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