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Is it possible to hook up bluetooth headphones with the Firehawk FX?


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Actually, you can send Bluetooth from the Firehawk FX to BT headphones. (Sorry phil_m.) I do it every day, here's how:


I use an Avantree Saturn Pro BT transmitter plugged into the headphone output jack of my Firehawk (using a 1/4 inch TRS to mini stereo jack adapter). The Saturn Pro works very well because it uses the AptX LL codec (32 ms latency) so there is virtually no perceptible BT lag, BUT PLEASE NOTE, you need BT phones that also incorporate the AptX LL codec. If you go to the AptX website, you'll find a list of BT headphones that use the Low Latency codec. Trust me... This works very well, and there is no interference with the Firehawk's onboard BT remote app connection.


The Saturn Pro is small, inexpensive, usb rechargeable, and can be switched to either receive or transmit. In fact, Avantree also sells Saturn Pros in pairs, which is worthwhile. I have a second one, set to receive, plugged into my studio sound system... the stereo output, chorus effects and ping-pong delays are amazing. Anyway, Avantree is a reliable company with cutting-edge technology. I got my Saturn Pros two years ago at Amazon, I use them every day, and they never let me down.


Hope that helps.

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On 8/28/2017 at 5:38 PM, JamieCrain said:

What's the main advantage of Bluetooth over RF wireless headphones? Quality? I use the latter and there is no latency but there is some background hiss.


There's really no sound quality advantage between BT and RF: both are capable of transmitting 15 to 20,000 Hz. BT technology has steadily improved and latency issues have virtually disappeared with low latency codecs. Both are subject to interference: BT is sensitive to microwave frequencies; RF is sensitive to radio frequency sources (probably the cause of your background hiss). BT has a shorter transmission range, usually up to 30 feet, provided there are no intervening obstacles (such as re-enforced concrete walls) which break the signal up very quickly. RF signals are more robust, which is why RF is used in wireless mic and guitar applications. For monitoring purposes, BT is more than adequate... And ultimately, when it comes to sound quality, it's really the quality of your headphones that counts most.

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Hi Guys.


I`m concerned because i have purchased an Avantree priva IIa Bt transmitter to monitoring my Firehawk Fx with a Sehnnheiser 4.40 bt Headphones, but the latency appear for my guitar sound. Both (the headphones and the Avantree Priva IIa) are Aptx latency codec supported.


¿Can you help me?   

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I replied to Juanfe16 privately, but for the record... The Sennheiser 4.40 BT phones don't use AptX LL (low latency), they use ordinary AptX. The Priva lla BT transmitter is AptX LL capable, but the headphones have to be as well. See for an up-to-date list of AptX LL enabled headphones and earbuds.

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