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Stagescape MD20-share presets

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I am not sure what you are asking for. M20d doesn't have exchangeable presets - that I know of; perhaps if a backup is made it is possible to extract them from the backup files.

But then each gig is different with different performers if not combinations of musicians. Each vocalist is different and needs tweaking, each guitar amp and mic combination is different. Even with a single band the combination of inputs is changing regularly as instruments are changed. Will the drummer bring a Cajon or Djembe this week?

Can you be more specific about what you are looking for?

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Also - I presume you have tried the factory presets and find them lacking? Still they probably represent a good starting point for tweaking. For instance, the factory Kick or Snare or Lead Male presets are probably a good start for shaping those inputs to your small gig venue.


And as Rewolf48 says the M20d can save and restore (share) entire system settings including all presets and setups. It does not support export/import of individual presets.

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Just use 'Auto Trim' when you get to the gig. Play your loudest passage and your entire gains are set. Record a quick 20second loop then have the band go out into the audience area and listen. Make your adjustments to the level output of each instrument and save the setup as a gig place i.e.. Bob's Bar That's all there is. Every time you play that place load the setup for Bob's bar and you will have very little changes to make. 


If you are talking eq settings for the mains there are different settings for the venue type to help eq the speakers. Just tap the mains level meter and then tweak. There are a dozen factory made setting for different venue types. You can also tweak them and save your own settings and preferences. Same goes for any instrument setting you choose for a channel.


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