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Helix Editor will not let me add a new block ...

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when I click on a path too create a new block I get a blank white square ...

and it opens up options down on the bottom of the screen for the different types of blocks available .


but no matter what I do it will not turn the blank white square into a usable block .

it just remains an empty white square 


for instance :  I select distortion  > then mono > then Teemah ...

which gives me a picture of the Teemah ....


but when I click on it nothing happens ...

I have tried double-clicking it , right clicking it , try to grab it and drag and drop it ..

nothing works .


no matter what I try all I wind up with is a blank unassigned white square .


somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong .


I am on macOS Sierra if that matters .

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 OK so I figured it out you have to actually double click on the written name  , not the icon .

what a dummy ...

i'll leave this post here though just in case someone else has trouble with it .

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