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Kb37 - No Sound In Winamp/yt But Sound

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Hi all,


I've experienced a problem in the last 10 days or so.

Sometimes, I play music in winamp, YT or bandcamp, & the sound suddenly disappears.

If I start an "ASIO software" (IE, cubase sx5 or the standalone app of a plugin), the sound works.

The only way to get the sound back in Winamp or in my browser is to restart the computer. I've tried to unplug then plug the KB37, to change drivers in Winamp, or to tweak the audio part of the control panel, nothing works.


Thanks in advance,



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   Do you ever get any strange noise when it cuts out - like zzzz or loud scratchy noise?


I've lately had some problems with my ux2 and it does this sometimes when the cable is knocked - and yet other times its fine when wobbled back and forth. Sometimes I lose the sound in a program and have to restart the computer or the program. I'm not sure if I've had one program stop working but another work after it. I might have. I also find that sometimes it doesn't help when disconnecting the cable and reconnecting it, and have to restart totally. Sorry this hasn't offered any suggestions :) . I don't have a kb37, but are the asio drivers you are using with the other programs, Line 6 drivers or asio4all or something like that?



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