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Is it possible to transmit with 1 Belt pack and recieve with 2  G90  rack units the same signal going in to 2 seperate amplifiers ?

IO have signal ground loops happening

am using 2Mixes for My guitar

do not want to use a Mixer

thoughts on this subject?

Thanks in advance

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One other possibility: I know the G50 has a 'main out' (mutable via belt pack) and an "aux/tuner out" (always on, even when muted).  If the G90 has similar and you don't care about belt pack muting you might be able to just use those two outs with only one receiver.

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You could use the tuner out.  It is identical to the main output but buffered.  But you still will have a common ground connection.  If that is your main problem you'll need a transformer isolated DI box.


OTOH two separate receivers would also fix the problem without dragging long cables.

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