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Variax String volume not in Helix Snapshots?


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Excuse me if I just missed something- but I'd like to change strings volume per snapshot.

I don't see an option to do that.


If there is none, I wonder why?

I don't want Helix to get all the controls HD workbench has (wait, why not?!), but Volume and Tuning quite often go hand in hand for me.

Just recently I needed the last high strings to be a 'D' for a powerchord shredding part. But they were too loud :(


Making a custom guitar just for this tuning is a real waste of custom models, plus: in a custom model I loose ability to combine the desired tuning/volume combo with other guitar models. 



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Variax individual string volumes are controlled in two places, both of which can be accessed using WorkbenchHD through Helix. The first is the global settings. Use these to adjust for different levels coming off the piezo pickups. Global string volumes let you adjust for variation in the piezo pickup outputs in one place and apply to all Variax patches. The second place is in the patch/model itself. Use these to adjust string volumes to address variations in the modeled pickups, personal taste, or for some unique song requirement. Helix snapshots can change the Variax models, and you can use the two sets of custom models for these potentially unusual string volume setups.

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