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Helix LT: switching a Marshall poweramp "Voice switch"


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I have a Marshall poweramp "5881" (50/50), which has 2 voice settings, that can either be switched with the switch on the front panel or via cable. I want to do the latter with my Helix LT.

In the Helix LT manual I read: "Connect EXT AMP 1/2 only to amplifiers that utilize "short-to-sleeve" footswitch inputs. Connecting to any other sort of input could cause permanent damage to both your amp and Helix LT!"

The Marshall manual says:"....short to ground...." for the voicing switching Jacks.


Since I don´t understand much about electronics........can I connect the 5881 and the Helix in oder to switch the Marshall "voice"? Or does this kill my equipment?

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Hello F.G.


You can connect to your Marshall power Amp to the HELIX EXT AMP Switch with no worry of damage... (Short-to-Sleeve is the same as Short-to-Ground)


The switch will most likely work, but, there is a risk of a ground loop which would impart a hum in your audio. (You may have to add an Isolation transformer between the Helix Audio OUTs and the Power amp INs to get rid of the hum.) Also, do not place an isolation transformer on the HELIX EXT AMP SW.... the switching won't work :)


I hope this helps





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