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XLR to PA and 1/4 Unbalanced to backline amp's power amp / FX return section

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Hi! I'm from the Philippines and the gigging scenario is usually like this. Most of the time clubs here would have a decently powered guitar amp (50-100w) but not all clubs mike the amps so it can sit well in the mix with the vocals, drums, and bass. I use an HD500x.


To get more consistent sound both on stage and at the audience I was thinking of sending the PL outs to the onstage guitar amp's FX return, and the XLR outs to the PA. The problem I have though is that if I set up my patches with any of the cab sims on, the FOH sound may be good, but the stage sound from the amp would be usually muddy. If I set the output mode to Combo Power amp, I know I would get a good sound on stage but I fear that I would have that harsh DI no cab sim sound coming out of the PA.


So I guess my questions boil down to the following:


1. Do the XLR outs have some sort of "always on" compensation / speaker sim even if the active patch has the cab sim turned off? 

2. If not, then I would have to turn on cab sim so that the HD500x's XLR PA feed would sound right, correct? How do I now make the stage amp sound good in this set up since the cab sim already colors the sound?


Thank you



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When I go on stage, I am not playing for myself. Nor do I pay myself. I am playing for the fans, they are also the ones that pay my salary.

Because of that, you must always be more concerned about what they see and hear.
If your stage sound is a little muddy, that's fine. As long as FOH is good.
All you need to be able to do is hear yourself. Tone doesn't matter at that point. By the time you get on stage, the time for tone adjustment is over.

Build your tones for XLR direct to the PA. What you do from there for the stage sound is of little consequence.
I mean, hell, you could buy yourself a nice set of ear monitors and tell the stage amps to take a hike.

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