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POD HD500 / HD500X snapshot mode?


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Hi all,


I am considering buying a POD HD500X for live situations and there is a question for which I have not found an answer in my internet search.


Does POD HD500/HD500X have any kind of snapshot mode like the Helix? I would like to change between 2 very different sounds without changing the preset to avoid the typical gap in the sound.


If it does not have this mode, how many CC's (e.g. turn ON/OFF individual effects, change from A/B chain, etc) it can send at once (with just one button)?


Thank you very much in advance!  :)

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No snapshots in the POD. You could assign all 8 FX blocks to one footswitch if you wanted to...though I personally can't envision a scenario where that'd be necessary, but as always ymmv.


As far as dual amp patches with two discrete signal chains, you can toggle between them with the expression pedal assigned to the amp block's channel volume...toe down for Path A, heel down for Path B, or vice versa.

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Hi Guru,


Many thanks for your quick reply.


I also should be able to toggle A/B chain using a footswitch, right? (e.g. with 1 button turn ON/OFF up to 7 FX + A/B switch).


Another question, is it possible to program the expression pedal to work as a volume pedal but change to whammy when activated?


Thank you very much!



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For your information the whammy effect is a widely known pedal by Digitech. The effect is a pitch shifter/harmoniser controlled by an expression pedal. 


I am quite good at programming electronic devices, but its difficult to know the capabilities of one which I've never tried. So maybe you should to consider not pretending that I don't know how to play guitar just because you don't understand what's a Whammy ;)

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At least you know the effect name. Good job.


So, to answer the question ----- 

The Pod is limited to 8 effects. You can turn all 8 on and off with one switch if you want. On and off does not mean only on and only off, you can assign some effects to be on while others are off --- example, turning chorus on when turning distortion off. 

You assign any value to any effect to be controlled by the expression.  

You can have 2 expression pedals, even if you only have one. But with one, you are limited to controlling one at a time.  


If you want to run the volume and "whammy", it is possible. If you want them at the same time but not always together, it is possible. If you want to run them separately, it is possible.

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Yes, the tremolo bar is also called whammy bar, but because I was speaking about programming the POD expression pedal, the context should be clear enough... 


Sure, it should be clear --- you want to use a pedal instead of a whammy bar. 

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