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M20d and iPadPro iOS (10.3.2) no longer communicate wirelessly

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Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  My M20d and iPadPro (iOS 10.3.2) no longer communicate wirelessly. I have been using a Samsung WIS12ABGNX wireless LAN adapter for a couple of years now and everything was great. iOS updated and now the app and the M20d won't connect. The adapter is still working as the iPad 'sees' the M20d as a device, but not as a network??? It tells me the 'M20d' is not connected to the internet and when I 'join anyway' the app never finds it.

I included some pics to help explain. Any thoughts? 



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What are the network settings on the M20?


Right now according to your screens the iPad doesn't have an IP address yet.  you have to wait until it times out DHCP and just fails back to a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx address before it has a chance of seeing the M20D. 


TO make things quicker you can have the M20D and the iPad use static addresses.




for each:

 - M20D ip address

 - iPad ip address

for both:

 - subnet mask

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Not sure what just happened but I tried your suggestions and nothing seemed to work. I connected the iPad directly to the usb and it was not seen no matter what I tried to do, I was trying force the iPad to accept the M20d as a "trusted Device". Still not working I pulled the wifi out from the mixer plugged back in again, nothing. Removed the SD card and wifi, plugged wifi only back in and 2 mins later tried to re-connect the iPad and it worked??? I'm going to try again over the next few days. I really need this to work as I have a gig coming up at the Sony centre performing to 15k over 5 shows and the next week another 2k over 4 shows on the Toronto island cruises. I love the convenience of digital but am frustrated with the reliability. Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.


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