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Replicate functions of Fender MGT-4 Foot switch?


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Just ordered my Helix Floor unit. I'm running a Fender Mustang GT100 amp with the MGT-4 4-button footswitch unit to change amp settings and presets. The cable is just a basic instrument line in but I've been unable to locate any documentation on what control signals it puts out. My idea is to program a preset on the Helix that lets me replicate the functionality of that switch unit so as to eliminate the need for an extra board. 


I've searched these forums for related info but come up short; ditto for general googling. Does anyone have some insight (and/or links) to share on how I might be able to pull this off? 


Many thanks in advance!

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Unless Fender changed the wiring for use with the newer Mustang GT's footswitch, the cable provided with the predecessor Mustangs' (III/IV/V) 4 Button footswitch, 2 Button footswitch, and EXP-1 Expression Pedal are non-shielded 2 conductor 1/4" TS. Not instrument cables! The predecessor 4Btn fsw and EXP-1 work with the GT Mustangs, so I am guessing the cables have not changed.


There are schematics for the predecessor Mustangs and their pedals I have seen on the Internet. If you Google for them they should turn up. I do not recollect if I saved a copy of them. I'll have to check my archives for the Mustang's info.


I have a Mustang IV v.2 and a III v.2 that I have used with the Helix. I also have the Fender pedals but have not tried them with the Helix.


Do post back what you find, and I'll do the same. There are other Helix users who did have Mustangs who may be of assistance.

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Thanks, I'll do that. Fender's tech support responded to my query that they were not allowed to tell me that information and that I should just use the supplied footswitch unit. Of course now I'm more determined than ever!  :lol:

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I'm certain that the Fender foot switch will be sending out some sort of proprietary control data. I can't see any way you'd be able to replicate that using the Helix.


Are you thinking of trying the Helix's CV out? The only way I could imagine being able to control the GT, would be to use MIDI.


As the Mustang amps don't include 5-pin MIDI, you'd need a way to convert the Helix 5-pin MIDI out to USB. That's usually pretty tricky, but I know there are solutions out there.


First is to use a Raspberry Pi (or similar) to convert the signals via Linux software -


The other is the Primova Sound MIDX-20, a clever box that converts things for you -


I've successfully used a Raspberry Pi in the past to do something similar, but the MIDX-20 seems like a lot simpler.


Good luck!  :)

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