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Connection question


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Hello folks,


For a bit of fun I've bought a Digitech Trio+. 


I am a complete numb nuts when it comes to cable routing. I have a Helix LT. Can I do it better than this as I have it now.


I have to set my Focusrite Scarlett to mono when using the Trio to get guitar from both speakers, I normally have 1&2 as a stereo pair.


Here is my routing: Guitar straight into Trio+, FX send (Trio+) into guitar in (LT), Left output (LT) into FX in (Trio+), Amp out (Trio+) into channel 1 (Focusrite), Right out (LT) into channel 2 (Focusrite) this allows a stereo signal from the LT when I'm not using the Trio by changing the Scarlet Mix Control to 1+2=Stereo. Finally Mixer out (Trio+) into channel 4 (Focusrite).


I do have a Radial Twin City ABY switch that I was thinking of utilising but my brain has frozen at the moment.


Thanks for any advice you can give me. It's a great bit of fun, this Trio+, I have no friends that play drums or bass or anything for that matter so this is good for improvisation practise. I do find backing on YouTube sometimes and jam with that but when I have an idea it's good to get something related for backing.







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Hello again,


OK, I've looked at it but I'm a little confused as to how I can use it in my setup. I want to utilise my Focusrite as I use that for recording my mic'd cabinet. My studio monitors are plugged into the 1/4" jacks on the rear of the panel.


It's not working too bad how I have it connected, it just overloads the input a bit where the Trio+ goes into the Focusrite Scarlett along with the Helix guitar signal. As I said, I'm terrible with cable routing, back in the day when I had a DVD player, a VCR recorder and a Satellite receiver, man, I was losing the will to live trying to connect it all up   :rolleyes:   :lol:


That's why I was wondering if there was any way I could somehow utilise the ABY switch. I don't really want to change all of my patches to have an fx loop in them.


Thanks for any help you can give and sorry for being a total numpty  :wacko:



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