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Vaiax Bass 700 not recognized with Workbench HD or Variax Workbench

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Hi, I have seen variations of this issue, but haven't been able to implement a solution.


I bought a JTV-89F and found a Variax 700 bass and got them both Friday. I am using the USB adapter that came with the JTV-89F.


Using Monkey, I was able to update the firmware for everything: USB adapter, JTV-89F, and the Variax 700 bass. Not sure the exact version numbers as I don't have it in front of me, but regardless Monkey is not seeing anything that needs to be updated, hence it is the latest version.


Monkey does recognize the Variax 700 bass--it shows up as USB Variax Bass. So it is being recognized and is working with the USB adapter.


Open up Workbench HD with the bass plugged in and it says something along the lines of it being "not compatible" or "not recognized" with this version of Workbench.


Fine, I'll download the older version Variax Workbench. Doesn't show up under the Windows 10 section because apparently it isn't compatible, so download it from the Windows 8 section. Get it installed and loaded and while it recognizes the USB adapter, it doesn't recognize the bass and says approximately that.


Now, I am at work and not in front of my computer, but it could be the solution is running Variax Workbench in Windows 8 compatibility mode. I'll test it when I get home. But just wanted to see: does anyone else has a solution to this issue?


Some other things to point out:


Rnning Windows 10

Was able to register the JTV-89F through Line 6 online no problem, but it doesn't want to take the Variax 700 bass serial. Probably because it was bought used and registered to someone else so I have to call Line 6 to have them release it. Anyway, just bringing that up in case it is relevant somehow.

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I am not sure if the Variax Bass was supported by Workbench at all.

Never had one but I remember that only the stored instruments are available and there is no possibility to create own models.

Might be right or wrong... I am very unsure about that?!

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Nothing in the Downloads page for Workbench for the bass guitars

beyond Flash and Monkey.

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Ah, well, that would explain it. Fortunately the volume seems pretty even across all strings and don't see an immediate need to make any adjustments.

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