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Share tones with two AMPLIFI devices


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I've found myself with two AMPLIFI devices, and have a somewhat different use for them.


Basically, I like to use the Amplifi 30 as an everyday practice and rehearsal tool, and for creating tones. I'm subbing for a guitarist in a band temporarily, and playing live with an Amplifi FX 100 going into the PA and a backline guitar amp.


I'm new to the Amplifi devices, and -- try as I might -- I'm not finding clear information on how to save my tones and share them between devices. Ideally, I would like to have both devices fully 'synced' with the same tones in the same banks, but would be happy to start out by just being able to copy over a few tones form one device to the other.


I've seen references to Facebook and Twitter sharing of tones, but  don't know how to sort out all the details to accomplish this. Seems like it would be easy enough to simply share a tone with another FB or Twitter user, but can I share a tone there with myself, and put it on either of my Amplifi devices? Both of my Amplifi devices connect to my Android phone and iPad via bluetooth, and both are associated with the same Line6 account. Does this make it easier or more complicated for what I want to do?




Thanks for any suggestions.

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Use the Amplifi app (IOS or Android) to save and manage tones. Using the app you have the option to: save to my tones (will be stored in the app), Publish on Line 6 cloud, store on Amplifi, or publish to twitter/facebook. Saving your tones on the app or the cloud with one Amplifi and then using the app to download the tones to the other unit seems like the best route. 

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Thanks to both of you who have responded.


As it turns out, I was pleased to see, shortly after crying out for help, that they both synced to My Tones when connect with Line6. Very handy!


I also tried sending a tone to myself via email. Although I haven't yet tried to load it, looks like that works, too.

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Yeah, if you are logged in to your account the device you are paired to will be able to access your My Tones.


But those tones do not necessarily physically reside on either AMPLIFi.


Each device stores 100 tones.

Which suggests that there's no way to easily sync the two devices, so that they have the tones in the same bank positions on both. That's what I'd really hoped to achieve, but it looks like I'll have to do it all 'by hand'.


Oh, well -- there aren't that many changes I'll have to make. There are some banks that I'll want to customize for a specific song with unusual presets but I'll be able to set up some general purpose banks with tones that will work on many tunes.

Thanks for your comments.

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