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Try my preset.


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Thanks - this is good!  It actually has a tone that I use a lot (I write and record - no live band playing), so with a couple minor mods, I'm keeping this.  Very nice!  I like the "clean" sound and with the Minotaur.  I made a minor adjustment in the delay to hear it just a little on the L and R.  What intrigues me about trying other's presets, including those I've purchased, which I rarely like or keep, is why they do why they do.  Others here are more sophisticated than me and use dual amps like this but I'm still just creating presets using one amp.  I got my Helix in March this year, I think, so I'm still figuring out single amp tones with all the other parameters.  What's not obvious to me here is what you are trying to do with the 2 EQs, both how you put them in the path and the settings.  Would you enlighten me, please?  I'm not certain I hear a benefit to them in the tone.  The other thing I did was to add 2 more snapshots with two IRs I like (a RW and OH).  This preset has a really nice range of tones between the cab and 2 IRs.  Not wildly diff, but a nice variety depending on what I'm doing.  Again, great preset, and thanks.  

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