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Anyone tempted by the Headrush?


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Just wondering.  It's at the Helix LT pricepoint but with the 7" touchscreen and other improvements.  It seems (to me at least) to be something of a bridge between the FHFX and the Helix, maybe an improvement in functionality compared with the HxLT - 20min looper, scribble strips etc - 


I don't know much about the Eleven HD amp/effects models or Headrush's product support but given Line 6's lack of interest in developing the FH, I'm used to receiving limited product development.


I'm almost sold on the Headrush because of the 20min looper alone.


BTW, I have no affiliation with Headrush and I don't sell pedalboards, jst wondering what people think.

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I looked into it with a lot of interest , but then they released the price details and I was like " oh damn that's as much as an lt " I'm pretty sure if I was spending that amount of money I'd go for the lt or a used helix.

People who have tried it out almost unanimously say that it's nowhere near as good as the helix, in fact one user claimed the tones were equivalent to the hd500 but with added touchscreen, as a firehawk user I feel like I have that already , it would have to be £250 cheaper before I'd even demo one

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Ok, I've had every POD up to and including the HD500 as well as an Eleven Rack and now a HeadRush Pedalboard and I can tell you from first hand experience and not based on hearsay, quotes from fanboys or bad YouTube videos that the HeadRush Pedalboard is vastly superior to the HD500. It takes the already impressive sound quality of the 11R and goes to a new level. The touch dynamics and sound quality are amazing but the editing via the 7" touch screen via drag and drop makes it probably the easiest modeller available today to edit patches quickly. I love the LIne 6 edit program for editing patches on the HD500 but if you are without a computer, you have resort to the HD500 for editing which is not the best experience.

For someone to claim that the HeadRush is equivalent to a HD500 is absurd, the HeadRush is in a different league completely. After comparing the Helix and the HeadRush by physically using both of them, I can say that the HeadRush is in the same quality level as the Helix for the amp sims. I personally prefer the speaker models in the HeadRush over the Helix but as both units allow the import of 3rd party IR's, that is not a deal breaker. The Helix beats the HeadRush for number and variation of effects and the Helix delays and reverbs are also superior. Also, the Helix IO's are more comprehensive but for my personal needs, the HeadRush IO's are sufficient (for now).

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