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Pod broken?


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It sounds like sparklers or fireworks. Must be a bad connection or component. Maybe a guitar cable? Does it do it with the guitar cable unplugged?

Ooooops nevermind I saw that screen.

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I could not get the video to play. Probably blocked on the network I am on...Anyway, the PSU connector looks wrong to me...


Is this an old 9v AC supply? I have seen more than several threads here over the years where a shop threw in an old X3 or XT supply...The problem is that those are AC...HD is 9v DC...While the pod will sometimes fire up that way because the HD has a little bit of protection in from this, inevitably this is not a healthy situation. I might not be correct on this, but just wanted to throw that out there...If that is a 9v AC PSU, stop using it and get the right one...9v DC @ 3 amps...

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