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Best cheap power amp to use with the hd500x


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Hey guys, after trying to make my pod hd500x work with my current amp (marshall jcm2000) I decided it's just not worth the effort trying to balance the volume of the amp (I was using the marshall drive channel) and the cleans on the pod running through the effects loops, also, my amp is 100 watts and I can't crank it up all the time, honestly, I decided I'd rather just use the pod for everything and stop using the marshall, I still want to use my cab though (marshall 1960 4x12) I know it would probably be better to use something like an FRFR amp but I can't get those in my country and if I order one, the shipping weight would probably cost me more than the amp itself, I was wondering if someone had any luck with cheap power amps like some behringer and stuff like that... any ideas?

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Where is your Country?

In my country Australia we have plenty of cheap amps.For eg we have a brand called Ashton which makes cheap

solid state Amps and instruments. I bought a used a $100 100 watt head. It has a reverb tank and sounds good on its own.

But the HD is great for using it's power amp section into a 2x12.

I will say the HDs lift a cheap amp up and as we are only using it's power amp section.

I have had some issues with using my Marshal too and the sound is overly bright.

On my solid state Fender Amp it is not a problem and sounds very good.

I would look at a local dealer with a their own brand that gets gear made in China based on standard designs

and is considered cheap. IT might sound alright thru that cab.

Also any cheap power amp will probably work well too but will cost more.

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You could use just about anything. My primary recommendation would be, if you go solid-state power, to insure the amplifier has a rating of at least 300 watts @ 8 ohms. 300-400 watts of ss power @ 8 ohms matches the dynamics of a 100 watt Class AB tube amplifier pretty nicely. 

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