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High Cut Settings


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Hi everybody,


Thanks for reading my post!

I'm considering buying a helix to replace my huuuuuge pedalboard.


I need to control a general Highcut on the very end of my chain controlled by the internal or an external expression pedal.


Therefore i have a few questions;

-whats the highcut frequency range of the lowcut/highcut eq model?

-whats the q range if there is any?

-can i control the lopass freq with the internal or an external exp pedal?


Thanks a lot for helping me!




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Parametric EQ has a high cut and low cut. There is also a simple high cut and low cut eq block, as well as a global EQ you can turn on.


high cut range: 1k to 20k

no Q on the high cut but there is Q on the low med and high sections 

yes you can control literally any parameter with expression pedals for a smooth sweep or stomps if you just need to toggle between two values instantly. In the case of the expression pedal you can also easily set the minimum and maximum values for the range of the sweep.

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The cabinet an IR blocks both have low-pass/high-cut filters you can use for that. You can incorporate changes in high-cut with a drive switch, or link increases in drive with increases in high-cut on a pedal.


I would note that S-Gear has Hi Cut in the power amp section that works similarly to sag. The harder you push the power amp, the more hi cut you get. With this you can set the drive into the amp to get the level of clipping you want. Turn the guitar volume down and the hi cut goes away giving you a nice clean shimmer. Turn the guitar volume up and you get more hi cut with nice warm clipping in the power amp.


I hope some future amp model provides this feature in Helix.


Now I'm thinking about adding a pedal controller that increases gain and high-cut at the same time to simulate this manually. I'd use the pedal instead of the guitar volume control to get pretty much the same effect. Hummm....

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