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I couldn,t find help about knowing the edit software for th HD500x...first thing this morning it deleated every program..every program...


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I'm also sorry in that I am having difficulty understanding what you're asking.  When you say, "On initializing th edit program ,it downloads presets.. What presets?" , the Edit program is synching with your POD.  When finished the "picture" of presets on your screen accurately reflects everything that is in your POD.


If you make any changes in the software and want that in your POD you will want to "Send" (to the left of the picture of the POD) those changes to your POD.


Do you "need to mess with them at all  ?"  Isn't that the whole idea?  You "mess with them", make changes and then send them to your POD.   It's easier using the software than doing it with the controls on the POD.

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When you first plug in your Pod to a computer (initialize), the computer will upload all of the presets that you have on your pod. It's a default setting since you can "edit" patches on your pod without the EDIT software on your computer knowing about it. The computer will upload those changes and you can modify them from the EDIT program on your computer. Then, if you make any changes on EDIT you will need to send those newly changed patches back to your pod via usb. This will be the Send button near the picture of the POD 500 on EDIT software. 

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