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Best way to setup "Bank" switches?


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I'm using the Helix in snapshot mode, all of the time, and either assign the first bottom and top switches to change banks or change presets.


Either way, with my clumsy feet, I often hit the "bank button" instead of the first snapshot switch, both top and bottom row, causing a change of patch or preset in the middle of the song.


I was wondering if there is a more "fool proof" way of setting these up, how you guys use them and if anyone else is as clumsy as me...


In my defence, I sing as well as play so I don't have the luxury to look down at the pedalboard too long when switching..


Advice much appreciated.





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Yeah I've had this problem with the bank buttons - wish they could be moved elsewhere - that bottom left button is the easiest one to hit when you're singing and playing at the same time ... shame it's wasted on a bank button :(

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Have there been any updates to Bank switch relocation?  I have the same problem, hitting the bank button by accident while singing.  Also, My RJM controller can disable switches per preset, so it would be cool to have what I need for one song or set in front of me, but disable the bank switches in case I mess up.  Also the RJM has a toggle feature per button, so I can toggle between let’s say clean and dirty.  I’d really hate to have to use a secondary midi controller to manage what should be a complete touring solution.  Thanks.  

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Here's how I deal with this:

1. Avoid A-buttons, unless absolutely necessary.  I use the "preset-per-song" approach, and there are very few cases when I have more than 4-5 different sounds per song.  I have only one song where I use 7 out of 8 snapshots.  The rest are 2, 3, 4 different sounds. 

2. Add 2 Grolsch washers to your up/down and mode buttons.  That way they are slightly more difficult to engage.  Works for me. 

3. With command center on the Helix Floor, you can assign the up/down buttons to something completely different, or reconfigure your whole board however you want.  If you have an LT, you're kind-of stuck with this...

4. Practice switching sounds at home :)  I have quite a tap dance that I regularly practice... Also wear good shoes/sneakers and be consistent.  My shoes of choice are either Converse sneakers or Vans-- you really need flat soles. 


Helix's flat surface and exposed buttons are kind-of annoying.  Other competitors have a better up/down placement.  Good luck!






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On 7/19/2017 at 6:01 PM, rvroberts said:

Someone in the past had a link to some footswitch extenders. Things that attached to your foot switches to make them easier to hit. Would love that link again. Something that simple might help?


I initially got the toppers for the top row of switches.  Eventually I took them all off.  They kind-of get twisted and crooked and it becomes more of a nuisance for me personally. 

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