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Dt25 head with dt112


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Read the back of the amp. It's as easy as A, B, C.


If plugging in two 8 ohm speaker cabs use the left hand pair marked A. 1 x 4 ohm or 2 x 8 ohm cabs


If a single 8 ohm cab, use one of the middle pair marked B (or two x 16 ohm).


If using a single 16 ohm cab, use the right hand single socket. Marked C

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Your internal speaker is 8 ohms...Your DT cab is also 8 ohms...together on TAP A, that is a 4 ohm load. if you add the 8 ohm 2x12 (assuming 2 16 ohm speakers in parallel) would end up at about 3.2 ohms. Tube amps are very different from solid-state amplifiers in terms of how impedance affects the amplifier. Tubes are self-limiting, so your tube will just wear out a bit faster if you ran a low mismatched load like that. The tone will also be quite dark. Really old tone trick. (EVH did this on the original rig with a POT in the speaker line).


I think your best bet would be to make a little harness for you DT internal and DT cab to run them in series so the combined load goes to 16 ohms for you DT and DT cab...add your 8 ohm Marshall to that in parallel and the load is about 5.6 ohms...You can run that on the 8 ohm or the 4 ohm tap...The 8 ohm tap will sound darker and tubes wear slightly faster...The 4 ohm tap will be brighter with a slight increase in flyback voltage. This will also force a more equal volume on each of the 4 cones...If you run all 4 of them in parallel, the DT and DT cab will be about +3db louder then the Marshall.


I have been running my DT-50 and DT25 head with 5.6 ohm loads since they came out. I changed the stock speakers to 16 ohm...My DT-50 is the 112 and I run it on top a 212 8 ohm cab...3 16 ohms speakers in parallel is 5.6 ohms...If you switched out your DT and DT cab speakers for 16 ohm speakers, then you can run it all together with a 4 ohm load.

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Thanks, not sure why I thought it was a combo with the DT cab...It's a question that has come up before and I got it turned around.


I have a DT25 head and cab...I changed the DT25 cab to a 16 ohm speaker and run in conjunction with an 8 ohm 212 (2x16ohm) ...As you said, totally safe on the 4 ohm tap...


However, the 8 ohm DT cone will be louder than the Marshall cones...Basically, one 8 ohm speaker gets 50% of the power and each speaker in the Marshal sees 25%...That's roughly double the volume or about +3 db...anyway, just a thought. Balancing the cone volume is more of the point I was trying to get across...

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