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Guitar change settings (i.e, single > Humbucker, etc)


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I'm guessing that because they work with Variax guitars, that this is something they choose not to offer in order to help promote that product.....I could be wrong (and probably am)....


BUT, my Boss GT series had a nicer (not perfect) feature that allowed you to simulate different guitar/pickup configurations with a block at the beginning of the chain.  I'm guessing it was just an elaborate EQ based on some generic pick up frequency responses, but was nice.  Even my EMG81 could sound like a single coil guitar.  Or you could go from single coil > Humbucker, or other similar changes. 

I did not see anything like that in the Helix, am I missing anything?  I'm assuming this could be done with a Para EQ or 2 at the beginning of the chain if you can find the PUP response curves for certain pickups, but was nice having a generic block/setting for it you could tweak from.

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Quite a few nice things the GT100 does that the Helix doesnt offer -

But the Helix does so much that is great, to a very high quality - but i still aim to use the G100 alongside the Helix, the GT100 compliments the Helix set up nicely.


The GT100 amp modelling is awful, but the effects are excellent and the level of editing of the effects and assigning parameters such as the wave pedal and virtual pedal are really useful for using with the helix. Im not one for being all out on one device or that i expect to do it all. If the GT100 has things that the helix doesnt bring to the show then im gonna happily use the GT100 to compliment what the Helix does do. Some of the Delays, Reverbs on the GT are really good.


The draw back of the GT100 is the mono send return - but given that im just using it for F/X and that the Helix amp modelling is in mono, it means routing the helix amps into the GT100 using the mono send return and then using the stereo out from the GT100 into the stereo F/X loop on the helix should work brilliantly and in line with being in mono through the signal before and upto the amp model in Helix and then in stereo after the amp of Helix.


Plus there is also the option to use the guitar input on the GT100 as part of the send return set up if you really need a stereo send return or using separate path set ups.

Send 1 from helix using instrument level into the guitar in of the GT100 and the GT input level setting to achieve unity gain.

Send 2 from helix using Line level into the return of the GT100.

Then output from the GT100 in stereo back into the helix returns.

and link them up via midi to achieve seamless patch switching and parameter control.

The GT has stereo paths/channels A and B in the amp block - just turn off the amps, place the amp block directly after the guitar input and place the return in the 2nd path of the amp block and use the mix setting of the return to not recieve the signal from the guitar in before it and you have 2 paths from the helix and in the GT100 and then they run in stereo through the GT100 F/X after the GT100 amp paths/channels block. Also has nice divider and mixer settings... The spread function in the mixer which slightly delays the sound of channel B against channel A is really good for creating a spacious or boxy cabinet sound...


Sure it would be nice to have one unit that does it all and im tempted to go through what the GT does bring to the table that the helix doesnt in a separate post and see if helix can bring some of those options into the Helix. But i dont what to upset the Helix team... the helix is top notch.. what it does blows the GT100 away, and what it doesnt offer i can live with because i have the GT and the helix and together im sure i will have it all...


But i understand your post ... no harm asking if they can provide pick up modelling



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I agree, the Helix is worlds better in many regards, which is why I am forced to switch to it, lol.   So, being that I still have the GT....


IF I were to run both, only for the sake of using the FX1 Block to simulate a single coil pickup for some of my Helix patches, would I just run: 


Helix Send > GT Input > GT FX Send > Helix Return > PA


I could put the Boss S/R block right after the FX first in the chain with only the FX1 block between the input and S/R.  That would be the cleanest in my mind.  If I'm wrong I'd be open to those ideas?  





My 2nd thought was to find some single coil pick up specs and see if I can duplicate it with a few Parametric EQ's.  Not perfect, but if it at least helps with the character of a single coil, may be worth exploring. 

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You could try using an EQ block, it might get you closer to the tone you're after.

This page has EQ settings for that:




Or you could sell the GT100 and put the cash toward a Telecaster.  EVERYONE should own a telecaster, seriously. :)

If you do try the EQ method, could you let us know how you get on with it?  Thanks.



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I'm sure I'm missing something here but it sounds like you are asking for what I do pretty often.  I own the Taylor 610 and a Gibson (I can't remember which one) set of IRs from http://www.3sigmaaudio.com/ and in the last couple of weeks they've released electric guitar IRs that I'm sure can be used in the same way.


Basically, I just create an IR as my first block, load one of the acoustic IRs, and then use the studio pre and I can usually get great results.  I've included screenshot and the link is to a simple recording I just made using the first Taylor 610 IR in the set and one of the new offset MiM Fender Mustangs (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MustMOWT)  I realize this isn't the best sounding recording as I was only trying to throw something together quickly (and it's a little noisy.  Normally I wouldn't do this with this guitar as the single coils are a little noisy) but I think it sounds pretty decent for zero setup time and the wrong choice of guitar.


I do plan on buying their electric IRs to try.  Also, I have been a Variax JTV-59, 69, and 89 owner over the years and never really liked how they played.  I prefer a fairly low action and the DSP doesn't handle buzz very well at all so they never worked out for me.



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