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Microphone Into Aux Input?

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Hi All,


I just bought the Spider Jam and wanted to test how a microphone sounds through it.  I don't have an xlr microphone....just the 1/8" right now.  I have an adapter that converts 1/8" to 1/4" though.  I couldn't get it to work. 


The microphone works on my computer.  The adapter works for my headphones.  I plugged my guitar into the AUX input and it works fine. 


I turned up every possible setting I could find in the manual and I don't get a single sound from it. 


Why does the guitar work great in the AUX but the microphone doesn't even though the microphone/adapter work just fine for the computer?

Are microphone signals (cheap mic) just too low compared to the pickups of the guitar...maybe?



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I think your going to need to get a 1/8 to XLR. Have you tried to turn the Volume (in the settings) for the AUX input to a higher level? Exactly which Mic are you using?

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