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Open E String “Warble� On Bass


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I am a Helix newbie. I have noticed that when I play an open E string on my bass and let it sustain, that it doesn’t hold a consistent pitch. It starts to “warble†a bit as if there were some slight modulation or tremolo effect. As if it were slightly out of tune (out of tune with what? I don’t know). This happens on all of the bass presets that I have tried. It doesn’t seem to happen on any other open strings.


I use this configuration in my practice room:

Bass->Helix Rack->Practice Amp (Aux In)


The bass is a Fender Precision. The Practice amp is an Ampeg BA-112v2 (a bass combo amp). I use the Aux In input to avoid the preamp section.


As a test, I connected my bass directly into the instrument input on the amp. It works fine – no warble.


Any ideas what may be happening?





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Could be the noise gate on the input block. Have you tired turning it off... assuming you have it on?


Good idea. It is indeed ON. I will try turning it off to see if anything changes.


Thanks for the suggestion.



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