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Footswitch For Stagescape M20d

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I use the Boss FS-5U and it works great.  There is also the Boss FS-6 which is two foot switches, and both can be independently latched or momentary.  I actually use that one for my DMXIS software and it is also a reliable pedal.  The FS-5U is great if you want one, but if you want to use two pedals on the board, then the FS-6 is a great option.


To be honest....I stopped there, so I cannot compare to anything else.  Other than as dboomer said, you do not want a latching one.  Pain in the butt.

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I missed any visualisation for footswitch (toggle) state. F.e. if I have muted FX by footswitch, is there a possibility to show the state of mute by footswitch? If not, this is a important feature request! Also more options to use footswitch is a request for next firmware update. F.e. channel muting, channel level increase (for git.solo), preselected screen load,...

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I'm on board with this discussion. I hooked up a footswitch to the stagescape , so I could shut off FX during "talking" with the audience. I noticed after using this feature a few times , it was difficult to tell in which state the mixer was in.


A LARGE -flashing - X - across the screen would be nice to indicate FX are off. One quick glance to tell musicians if their FX are off before they go into their next set would seem almost essential. After all , this board was designed for the musician who does his own sound right ?

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The Stagescape can be used with EITHER a mometary switch, or a latching switch.  I can't recall exactly where that setting is and I'm not in front of the unit right now, but there is a setting for "momentary" under the footswitch set up screen where you select the function that the footswitch is controlling.


The Boss FS-6 is a two buttom switch that is ideal for the M-20d

The nice thing about this switch is that there is an LED that can signal the state of the switch without looking at the M20.


We have also used a momentary switch (i.e. a keyboardist's sustain pedal) to turn off effects, but have the Stagescape set to expect a latching switch.  When your foot is depressing the momentary switch, the effects are off.  When you release, the effects turn back on.  You have to be a little careful about the polarity of the switch.  If memory serves me well, if you have the switch plugged in when you turn the Stagescape unit on, the M20d reads the state of the footswitch in the un-depressed state.  If you plug it in after the unit is turned on, you may or may not get the results you are expecting (i.e. pressing the footswitch turns ON the effects).


Hope that helps.



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I believe that the advise is that you ONLY use a MOMENTARY type switch.


The "Momentary" setting in the Footswitch setup screen sets how the instruction is processed. If set to Momentary on the M20d, the action will take place whilstever the switch is depressed, then the action will stop when the footswitch is released. If the Momentary setting on the M20d is NOT set, the footswitch will toggle the action state with each press. ie press once to mute FX, press again to unmute them.


This is NOT the same as using an on/off type footswitch.


I'm not yet using a footswitch with ours, but am considering the Boss FS-6.


The additional option I'd like to see for Footswitch control is an equivalent to the Mute Mics hardware encoder, ie being able to mute all selected channels with one footswitch press and unmute with a second... to save walking over to M20d to press the button. Failing that, the option for it to mute specific group encoders (whether one or more) to achieve the same thing.

I'd also like to be able to start and stop full media recording, rather than just Quick Capture

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Thank you Dboomer! We're singing at, of all things a funeral tomorrow and the reverb status has been driving me nuts since I bought the desk. We went to the church tonight and set up the system and the first thing I tried was your group work around and it is fantastic. I set a new group, added reverb to it and nothing else now when I press the foot switch I've always used to mute the reverb I get a lovely red indicator. I can tell strait away now if I've forgot to engage it. Red means no reverb this was my only downside to this kit.

As a bonus when recording a song to mix at the back on iPad I couldn't get reverb on playback now I un-mute the group and reverb is heard. Fantastic.


Off subject but iPad kept loosing connection tonight, I see on another post people are recommending a belkin router and apple adapter, that's another hundred pounds and I spent forty pounds on a wi-fi dongle that was recommended by line 6


Enough moaning I'll enjoy my reverb light for now.


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How well your iPad stays connected depends on a number of things but usually local conditions and interference. Remember wi-fi is wi-fi. It just isn't terribly robust.


One trick that will likely improve your experiences with using the dongle is to use a short USB extension cable and get it up in the air. When it is in straight in the mixer and the mixer is at desk height you may lose line of sight as the audience walks in its way. Getting it overhead can be a big help.


External routers are often more powerful so you can usually expect extended range compared to the dongles. Even better if you gat a router that can run on 5GHZ and switch the 2.4GHZ off. That way your audiences cell phones won't be interfering with your iPad connection.

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