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Spider V240, FBV3 GT10 the good the bad and the ugly...

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Line6 spider V 240 with FBV3 and GT10
Some initial observations (only had it a week or so)
The Good
  • Nice FFFR type Hi Fi Cabnet sounds good when aux input is used (get one of these: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00ZKM3SDO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) I run  my Boss GP10 into the aux and my regular guitar signal (via GT10) through the modelling chain, then mix them with the volume pedals.
  • Aux input doesn't disable guitar input. 
  • Stereo
  • Nice front panel, love the way you can set up tone/vol preset and effects settings from the front panel knobs, then save them with the push of a button.
  • XLR out for DI to mixer
  • Intuitive design for changing patches
  • Android spider remote seems to work reliably well for me on my older android tablets
  • Seems plenty loud. I'd might measure the power and spl.
  • My free GT10 came in within a few days after registering. When do you ever see that in an incentive program!
  • Love the GT10!  I'm still tethered via the 13 pin cable for the GK3 pickup on my boss,GP10 but I can run both simultaneously( see my first bullet point)

The Bad

  • Limited documentation. very few technical details anywhere. C'mon guys, anybody who's going to program this thing seriously is a gearhead!)
  • Flakey update software. I couldn't get my FBV3 to update on two different Windows 7 Professional systems. Finally got working on an old Windows 7 Home Premium system.
  • Not impressed with support. They told me to send FBV3 back. I said I would send All of it back for a full refund. They didnt' even mention the "hold 'A' button with 'FS1' while plugging in USB" to get 'update required' when pedal was bricked.
  • FBV3 hast to be stomped 32 times to get to from bank 1 to 32 and vice versa (no wraparound, no fast mode,no shortcuts) Really?
  • No harmonizer effect.
  • No PC edit software 
  • I'm not big on the stock patches. Seems to squeal and feedback a lot.
  • No easy way to edit complete banks of patches, everything has to be moved around and overwritten one patch at a time. It's a nightmare trying to put a setlist together.
  • Flimsy CAT7 cable between FBV3 and Spider.V
  • You're supposed to know what each effect does. Again, poor documentation.
  • Cant find a way to download patches without knowing what you're looking for first. A big list would be good, or even sorted by type. I'm not interested in searching for the author's name. Who would know that anyway?
  • Drum loops are a bit of  a gimmick...cant change the tempo? 

The Ugly


  • Not much. It looks pretty good I think!


Overall, I'm happy with it, just takes a bit of getting used to, coming from the Boss GP10 (which still has it's issues), but has extremely detailed documentation for those times when you need it.

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ive come to ses some of these too. but, my fbv wraps around not sure why yours doesnt? yes it comes with limited documentation but a quick search on here or on google reveals what all the effects and presets are for. then finally the drum loops cant be spend up because they are actual recordings of an actual drummer. hope this shines some light on a few of your bads if i can find the pdf for the effecrs ill post it but i printed it out when i found abd im not sure i saved it.

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Yeah thanks, cirv908. The list doesn't shine much light on the actual effects settings, but a quick google on any of them will probably reveal what they do and how they work.

Fixed tempo drum loops are pretty useless, recorded or not. btw the technology for speeding up and slowing down recordings without pitch change is well established. Having no PC/Mac editor is unforgivable IMHO

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